Deposit Slip & I.O.U.

Stephen Tai
May, 01, 1998
I.O.U. with inscription:

The borrower Tong Bao Bank, duly solicited by a broker, now has borrowed from the Lord Yen Shao(the lender), Wen Yin (Fine Silver) in remittance banks˘ scale, for six thousand two hundred and seventy taels. The parties hereby agree that a monthly interest rate of 0.7% will be imposed on the loan and payable by the borrower each month, and one year hereof, shall be calculated on a eleven-month basis, whenever there is an additional month in accordance with Lunar year calendar, the interest for such month will be payable likewise. In the event that the lender wishes to withdraw such loan, the borrower will immediately repay, upon a prior notice for one month. This I.O.U. is hereto set forth as proof.

Broker (Witness): Bao Hong Firm
Executed by: Duang Zhi Zhai
The 3rd day, the 5th month, the 28th year of Kuang Hsu (1902) Tong Bao Bank

Deposit Slip with inscription:

Upon such Slip, we hereby receive from Tong Ching Fong Bank, fine silver of three thousand taels, in remittance bank's scale. It is expressly understood, the monthly interest rate of 1% will be imposed, and the deposit may be withdrawn at the time when both deem convenient. Hereto. Executed by: Duang Zhi Zhai
The 15th day, the 6th month, the 29th year of Kuang Hsu (1903) Tong Bao Bank
Saddle sycee issued by Duang Tong Bao Bank (The lender of [1] and the depository of [2]). Weight: 200 g. Its inscriptions are:

Duang Tong Bao Bank, Remittance Bank˘s Fine Silver Checked by Official Public Assayer Chen Yuen Chang and Ser Ching Shen

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