Vietnamese Coin
Dai Tri Thong Bao

December 14, 1998

23.5 mm, 2.8 g

23 mm, 2.0 g

22 mm, 1.9 g
Obverse: Vietnamese Dai Tri Thong Bao

Da Zhi Tong Bao

Reverse: plain
       Dai Tri is the second reign title, after Thieu Phong, of Emperor Tran Du Tong (1341-1369). When Emperor Tran Hien Tong died in 1341, Du Tong was Hien Tongís young brother and was enthroned by his father, the Highest King Tran Minh Tong. Within seventeen years of Thieu Phong his rule was good because the Highest King was alive to control everything. When the Highest King died, Emperor Du Tong changed the reign title to Dai Tri, began to build palaces for enjoyment and even called rich bourgeois into his palace to challenge at gambling parties. Hat Bo, a kind of opera, became national recreation at these years.
       In these years, revolts flared up everywhere, the monk Pham Su On and his forces occupied Thang Long for 3 days, Champa attacked the frontier, the fall of the Tran dynasty began. Du Tong named Duong Nhat Le who was the son of a couple of Hat Bo actors as his successor before he died without a son.
       The Complete Book of the Historical Records of Great Viet recited the Emperor ordered to cast Dai Tri Thong Bao coin in the second month of the third year of Dai Tri. The Dai Tri coin had several varieties, were in copper, the four characters were written either in orthodox script, seal script or herb script.

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