Copper Buckle - Charm

Vladimir Belyaev
July 01, 1998
Diameter: 30.4 x 27.8 mm
Weight: 9.4 g
Message from Don Pfeifer, 30-Jan-99:
    I found a Korean Amulet on your website that is listed as Chinese. Take a look at Edgar J. Mandels book on Pages 30 and 31. Unfortunately, because of the wear, I can't determine which amulet it is. You have a similar piece on your website at

Vladimir Belyaev:
    Don is right, it is Mandel's N52.12 Korean charm.
Sergey Shevtcov:
    Reverse left character Fu (happiness) and right probably Shou (Longevity), both in seal (zhuan) style.

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