Ch'ing Yuan T'ung Pao Charm

Vladimir Belyaev
Apr.26, 1998
Obverse: Ch'ing Yuan T'ung Pao (Coinage of the Fortunate Beginning)
1195-1201 a.d, Emperor Ning Tsung (1194-1224 a.d.), Southern Sung dynasty.
Reverse: 11 characters
Diameter: 65 mm
Weight: 70 g

It's not very old item but it's interesting to learn reverse inscription. I didn't saw charms with coin legend Ch'ing Yuan T'ung Pao.

By Gilbert Tan note (27-Apr-98) it is a fake of The Ching Yuan large cash, the only known piece which was owned by a Ching Dynasty collector. There is also an iron fake of this coin.
Image received from David Eckerle on 26-Apr-98.
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