Chinese coins and magic

Vladimir Belyaev
July 12, 1998
Chinese coins and charm are very popular among magicians or manipulators for magic with coins. Below are such items, which images I received from Jacky.

Obverse: Four couples
Reverse: Four stylized characters

Marriage token or charm

Obverse: 9 layer style inscription
Reverse: picture

Chinese charm

Obverse: Xian Feng Yuan Bao
Reverse: Equal 100 Cash, Yarkand mint

Faked coin of Xinkiang province Xian Feng period (1851-1861 a.d.) of the Qing dynasty

Obverse: Shun Zhi Zhong Bao - coin legend of Shun Zhi period (1644-1661 a.d.) of the Qing dynasty
Reverse: Ta Qing - Great Qing

Fantasy coin.

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