Large Zhou Yuan Tong Bao coin

Obverse: Zhou Yuan Tong Bao
Diameter: 42.3 mm
Weight: 19.0 g

Zhou Yuan is legend of coins of the Posterior Zhou dynasty (951-60 a.d.). But yellow color and size of coin are similar to coins of XIX century.

May be, it is fantasy coin.

Message from Francois Thierry, Chief-curator of Oriental Coins, Cabinet des Medailles-Paris (02-Mar-00):
    The "Zhou yuan tongbao" in the front of your Web site is a well known Chinese charm. This inscription was that of the coins of Later Zhou Dynasty issued in 955 by Shizong. But because the emperor of this small dynasty had not many copper for casting coins, he taked all the Buddhist statues, broked them and melting the metal for casting "Zhou yuan tongbao" coins. For this reason, Chinese people considered this coin as a efficient protective charm against evil and demons. Later, along the Chinese history, many charms are casted with the inscription "Zhou yuan tongbao" on charm. I have publish your coin in my book "Amulettes de Chine et du Vietnam", Paris 1987, under N179.

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