1-Mace brass bar from Ili, Xinjiang

March 26, 1999

70.5 x 9.1 x 2.6 mm, 12.4 g
Obverse: Guan Qian Zong Ju - Official General Monetary Bureau

Reverse: Yi Qian - One Mace

Thanks to Stephen Tai for inscriptions reading

Message from Tsan-sheng Hsu (24 Jun 1999):

    On page 112 of the book "Xinjiang Numismatics" a similar bar was listed as "issued by Xinjiang Ili official financial house" to be equivalent of 100 wen of standard cash coins.
    Your bar has the same writting and scripts, however the style of writing is different. Furthermore, the bar listed in the book has writting stamped on the surface, but the writing on yours looks like raised.
Additional comments by Vladimir Belyaev (26 Jun 1999):
    Inscriptions on the shown bar stamped on the surface have not raised (I think it is an optical effect).
    Shown piece is surely brass bar from Xinkiang Numismatics book, item #458..

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