Chinese Coins and Woman's Figure


That image I received 15-Sep-97 from Ray Leak with below description:
I purchased a figure that seems to be made of Chinese coins. It is constructed by tying the coins together with string to make a figure. Almost all of the coins are the same as the scan. The coin scanned is 15/16 of an inch. The face, hands and feet of the figure are carved out of wood. The face is oriental, could be Bali or in that area. The figure is about 16" tall with the base.
Any information on this type of figure would be appreciated.

[VB] Shown coin is common 1 cash coin of Ch'ing Dynasty.
Obverse:Chien Lung T'ung Pao legend (1736-1796 a.d.)
Reverse: Mint mark of the Board of Revenue
Vladimir Belyaev
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