Japan Occupational Bank Note


Japan Occupational Bank Note, a.d.1904 (37th year of MaiJi)
Actual size 70x103 mm.

Uncleared questions:
1. In the JNDA Catalog (1995) on the p.203 is placed identical note but with sizes 62 x 103 mm. So I suppose placed here note is one of the varieties.
2. On the reverse we can see Korean (left and right) and Chinese (center) inscriptions. In what occupated territory did this note had circulation?

16-sep-96 I received message from Joseph E. Boling (look at his excellent On-line exhibit Building a National Currency - Japan, 1868-1899):
    The Japanese note is military currency isued for the Russo-Japanese War, and was used in both Korea and north China, which is why it has those languages on the back.
    The size in the JNDA catalog is an error. The piece is listed as 70x103 in the International Bank Note Society catalog, and all of my pieces in the three low denominations are 70x103 to 70x104. I have never seen a size variety in this series.
    This entire series occurs with (scarce to rare) or without (more common) serial numbers at the top back. Apparently only the early pieces had serial numbers. Later series for other wars and campaigns did not have serial numbers until the last pieces for the Sino-Japanese war in 1937-45.

Vladimir Belyaev, Moscow, Russia.
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