Fraehn, Ch. M.
Monety Khanov Ulusa Dzhuchieva
ili Zolotoi Ordy s Monetami
Raznykh Inykh Mukhammedanskikh Dinastiy

Coins of the Khans of the Ulus Jujid
or the Golden Horde with Coins
of Various Islamic Dynasties

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Sankt-Petersburg 1832. 80 pp., 17 tables of illustrations. A4 size. In Russian. 
Reprinted edition of 2001, Nizhniy Novgorod. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 495 coins listed. Soft cover. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Orders are accepted by Vladimir Belyaev, Number of copies available for ordering is limited. International shipping by registered airmail worldwide.

[Abstract by J.Farr]

      An extremely important early work on the Golden Horde. It also includes some coins of the Giray Khans, Abbasid fulus, Tahirids, Samanids, Khwarezmshahs, Chingizid, Chaghatayid, Timurid, Shaybanid, Manghits of Bukhara, Umayyad, Ilkhan, Jalayrid, Afsharid, Zand, Qajar, and others. The Golden Horde portion is by far the most important, and it includes some of the rarest rulers.

      Legends are written out, and there are line drawings in plates at the back. There are also references to Recensio numbers [Fraehn, Ch. M. Recensio Numorum Muhammedanorum. Academiae Imp. Scient. Petropolitanae, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1826. In Latin]. It is obviously incomplete, but definitely very useful.