Selected bibliography
of Vietnamese Numismatics

January 14, 2002
  • Ðô Văn Ninh, Tiên Cô Viêtnam, Hanoi 1992.
          Corpus of Vietnamese coins, but not very up to date. In Vietnamese.

  • Fujiwara Riichirô, “ Annan kinsei ni okeru Aénsen no Chûzô to Ryutsu ”, Shisô (Kyoto) 15-1958, 19-32.
          Zinc coins and circulation in modern Annam. In Japanese.

  • Kempgen H., “ Die Trân Dynastie in Dai Viêt, Landes Geschischte und Münzen von 1225-1428 ”, Geldgeshischtlische Nachrichten, 150 (1985), 13-24.
         In German.

  • Kempgen H., “ Münzpolitik in der Ära Minh Mang, 1820-1841 ”, Geldgeshischtlische Nachrichten, 114 (1986), 204-212.
         In German.

  • Liu Sen, “ Song dai Zhong Yue liang guo huobi wenhua jiaoliu shishu ”, Zhongguo qianbi 1992-I, 36-40.
          Comparison between Chinese and Vietnamese currency. In Chinese.

  • Luo Bozhao, “ Kai Tai yuanbao ”, Qianbi, 5-1941, 35-36.
          Khai Thai nguyên bao of Trân Minh Tông. In Chinese.

  • Miura Gosen, Annan senpu, 3 volumes, Tokyo 1965-1971.
          Corpus of Annamese coins, essential. In Japanese.

  • Nguyên Anh Huy, “ Tiên kem thòi chua Nguyên ”, Huê Xua và Nay, N4-1994, 61-64.
          Zinc coins of the Ðand Trong. In Vietnamese.

  • Okudaira Masahiro, Toa senshi, 18 volumes, Tokyo 1938.
          Vietnam in volume 16. In Japanese.

  • Schroeder Albert, Annam, Etudes Numismatiques, Paris 1905.
          Essential work but ended with Dong Khanh/Thanh Thai currency; Mind to the bad American reprint that is not complete and in which all historical documentation part is missing ! In French.

  • Shanghai Museum, Shanghai bowuguan cang qianbi, vol. 8 (Waiguo qianbi), Shanghai 1994.
          Good rubbings of Vietnamese rarities. In Chinese.

  • Sylvester John, The traditional Awards of Annam: the Khanh, Boi, Tien and Bai, Raleigh 1983.
          Silver and gold medals of Nguyên Dynasty. In English.

  • Ta Chí Ðai Truòng, Nhũng bài dã su Viêt, Westminster Cal. 1996.
          Coins of the Ðang Trong pp. 267-355, Zinc coins of the Ðang Trong during the 18th century pp. 356-370, Mold for forgers discovered in Thai Nguyên Province pp. 371-376. In Vietnamese.

  • Tang Guoyan, Zhang Shiquan, Sun Zhongwen & Liu Weilin, Yuenan lishi huobi, Peking 1993.
          Many good and rare small copper coins. But the most of the copper, silver and gold coins and ingots of the Nguyên Dynasty photographs published in this book are “borrowed” from the Paris Mint Museum Catalogue without authorization, in complete contravention of the copyright rules. In Chinese.
  • Thierry François, Catalogue des monnaies vietnamiennes, Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris 1987.
          In French.

  • Thierry François, Catalogue des monnaies vietnamiennes - Supplément, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris 2002.
          Many unknown silver and gold coins of the last Emperors of the Nguyên Dynasty. In French.

  • Thierry François, Les collections monétaires, Monnaie d’Extême-Orient, Paris Mint Museum, 2 volumes, Paris 1986.
          Catalogue with the whole of the remaining coins and ingots of the Imperial Treasure of Huê. In French.

  • Thierry François, “ La piastre de Tu Ðuc au revers 7 tiên 2 phân ”, Bulletin de la Société Française de Numismatique, N8, octobre 1986, pp. 99-100.
          Silver dollar of Tu Ðuc with weight inscription. In French.

  • Thierry François, “ La monnaie Qian Long tong bao au revers Annan ”, Bulletin de la Société Française de Numismatique, N1, janvier 1992, pp. 228-232.
          Qian Long coins with reverse Annan. In French.

  • Thierry François, “ Les émissions et la circulation des taëls d’argent des Douanes et Régies d’Indochine (1943-1945) ”, Cahiers Numismatiques, N122, décembre 1994, pp. 50-59.
          Silver taëls with character Fu and stag heads. In French.

  • Thierry François, “ Une monnaie inédite de l’empereur Thanh Thai ”, Bulletin de la Société Française de Numismatique, N7, septembre 1995, pp. 1138-1143.
          Silver coin of one lang of Thanh Thai. In French.

  • Thierry François, “ Une monnaie fiduciaire inédite de l’empereur Tu Ðuc ”, Bulletin de la Société Française de Numismatique, N1, janvier 1998, pp. 10-15.
          Baosao coin with one string value. In French.

  • Thierry François, “ À propos d’une monnaie inédite de Thanh Thai ”, Cahiers Numismatiques, N135, mars 1998, pp. 37-42.
          Gold coin of Thanh Thai with the name of the engraver. In French.

  • Thierry François, “ Une monnaie de présentation inconnue de l’ère Vinh Tho de Lê Thân Tông (1619-1643/1649-1663) ”, Bulletin de la Société Française de Numismatique, N9, novembre 1999, pp. 187-192.
          Large Vinh Tho thông bao bronze coin of Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna. In French.

  • Thierry François, “ Une monnaie inconnue de Minh Tông des Trân (1314-1329) ”, Journal Asiatique, 287.1, 1999, pp. 305-320.
          Large value ten Khai Thai thông bao bronze coin. In French.

  • Thierry François, “ Monnaies et circulation monétaire au Vietnam dans l’ère Tu Ðuc (1848-1883) ”, Revue Numismatique, 1999, pp. 269-317, pl. V-VI.
          Coins, ingots and monetary circulation in Vietnam during the Tu Ðuc era. In French.

  • Wang Yinjia, “ Annan zhen qian si pin ”, Qianbi 13-1942, pp. 8-9.
          Vietnamese rare coins. In Chinese.

  • Wang Yinjia, “ Annan Chen Yuzong Shao Feng, Da Zhi qian zhi fanbian ”, Qianbi 14-1942, pp. 21-24.
          Thiêu Phong and Dai Tri coins. In Chinese.

  • Yang Wenchao, “ Zaoqi liuru woguo de Yuenan zhu qian ”, Suzhou qianbi 1985, p. 35.
          Circulation of Vietnamese coins in China. In Chinese.

  • Zhang Shiquan & Long Xiaoyun, “ Guangxi bianjing shouji de Yuenan guqian yanjiu ”, Guangxi Jinrong yanjiu 1991, pp. 37-44.
         Study of Vietnamese coins discovered in the border zones of Guanxi Province China. In Chinese.

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