Vietnamese Coin
Dai Chinh Thong Bao

December 18, 1998

25 mm, 3.6 g          23.5 mm, 3.7 g
Obverse: Vietnamese Dai Chinh Thong Bao

Da Zheng Tong Bao

Reverse: plain
       Mac Dang Dung relinquished the throne to his son, Mac Dang Doanh in 1530, then took the title of Highest King. Dang Doanh's reign title was Dai Chinh. He was a generous ruler who reduced taxes and strictly enforced severe penalties for crime. Under his rule, Viet had a short period of relative prosperity. Mac Dang Doanh died in 1540.
       Historians did not mentioned about Dai Chinh coins, but coins were found in the country.

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