Tin Malaysia cash coin
State of Trengganu

December 01, 1999

Description from The Encylopaedia of The Coins of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, 1400-1967, Saran Singh, Kuala Lumpur, 1996, #38:

Within a circle of dots in Chinese Hiap Hin Kongsi (pinyin Chinese Xi Xing Gong Si, Hiap Hin Company).
Counterstamped with the Chinese character Ji (lucky).

Reverse: In Jawi Ini Juru Bahasa Punya (This is the Interpreters) within an ornamental ring of stars.

State of Trengganu (1725-1967) - one of the Malaysia peninsula sultanats.
Coin is private monetary token (jokoh), issued in 1895 during reign of Sultan Zainal Abidin III (1881-1918) by Sultan's Juru Bahasa (Chinese Interpreter) in lieu of salary.

Another Trengganu jokoh Teck Soon Kongsi.
Metal analysis see on Zeno, coin #187988.

Any additional information highly appreciated.

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