Fantasy Chong Ning cash coin

Vladimir Belyaev
September 29, 2000

Obverse: Chong Ning Tong Bao (top right bottom left)
Obverse orthodox script inscription is the legend of the Northern Song dynasty coin issued during Chong Ning period (1102-1106 AD). Coin value - 10 cash.

Reverse: ___ Chong Ning Tong ___ (top bottom left right)
Three reverse characters are the same as on the obverse but right character is quite unusual and fantastic. It is absent in the large 4 volume Chinese-Russian dictionary which is available for me.

Metal: copper
Diameter 35.2 mm
Weight: 14.2 g

Seems that shown cash coin can be fantasy coin or some secret society issue (it is known that such Chinese societies liked to create special characters and used their images as recognition signs).

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