A Chinese Cash-type Coin
with Uknown Inscriptions

Vladimir Belyaev
November 01, 2000

I received images of three mystery Chinese cash-type coins from Jeffrey Young (jmynl@wxs.nl):

I was just in contact with Dr. Wybrand Op den Velde, and old friend of many years and he suggest I contact you about a coin that I bought from China recently and that has puzzled numerous people.
So I now ask if you are familiar with what looks like a nomadic issue. At first Dr. Yih thought the inscriptions might be Mongol - "Bashiba"
[another script name - Pagsa Pa - V.B.] but wasn't sure.
Thanks in advance for anything you can uncover.

Diameter: 25 mm
Weight: 4.0 g

Diameter: 25 mm
Weight: 4.0 g

Diameter: 25 mm
Weight: 3.6 g

VB: By the opinion of V.Nastich (nastich@zmail.ru), who had 'quick look' on the first coin image, it is possible that shown script can be Tibet.
I can add that characters on the other two coins are really similar to imitation of Pagsaba script (right and left characters on the second coin) and seal (zhuan) Chinese style of writing (for example, top character on the second coin).
Any additional information will be highly appreciated.
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