Tokens with Chinese chopmarks

Images received from Ralf Müller

Message from Ralf Müller (10-Jan-02):
    I am a colector of German colonial items from Tsingtau - papermoney, coins, tokens, medails and other things. The token could be used by Tsingtau brewery in Kiautschou.
Message from Howard A. Daniel III (17-Dec-01):
    It appears the Chinese characters are "bank route" or "bank location". Counterstamps of this type are extremely rare on any token, and even rarer for a non-silver or non-gold piece. Would this token have been used in a foreign (maybe German) colony or section of a city in China? Would the banks in a location all be located on one street or one area of the colony or city? A very interesting piece!!!!!! And it probably requires more research to confirm the characters and their meaning.

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