Da Quan Wu Zhu
rare cash coin

Vladimir Belyaev
July 05, 1999
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Obverse:
Da Quan Wu Zhu - The great cash of five shu

Reverse: above hole - creschent, under hole - star.

Diameter: 22.1 mm
Weight: 3.6 g
Six dynasties period (Division into North and South, Sung, Liang, Northern Wei, Northern Ch'i, Chen and Northern Chou dynasties), 420-589 a.d.
  • Ding Fu Bao - D3093 - another variety of this legend.
    Comments of famouse Chinese collector Ma Ding Xiang about this coin: 3093 shown is a Da Quan Wu Zhu, its kind mostly were cast with the mold of Wu Zhu into Da Quan Wu Shi. The character of Zhu is in convex showing a character of Shi - 'Ten' [thanks to Stephen Tai for translation].
  • Fr.Schjoth - coin not listed
  • Peng Xin Wei [transl. by E.Kaplan] - The coin dealer Dai Baoting has said that small Pan Liang made of tutenag and washed with mercury have been excavated in large quantities in the south, particulary in Shaoxing city, in all quarters of the town, and in amounts of 1000 to 10000 at a time, mixed with Wu Zhu's and bearing the label Pan Liang or Liang Pan in roughly equal numbers. Size and weight are uniform. He insists that this Pan Liang are Six Dynasties objects, possibly minted at the same time as Lord Shen Wu Zhu's. There are also Da Quan Wu Zhu's and Huo Quan's....

Any additional information highly appreciated.
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