Tai Ping Tong Bao charm

Diameter: 47 mm

Obverse: Tai Ping Tong Bao
- very popular on the charms coin legend of the Tai Ping period of the Nothern Sung dynasty

Reverse: Bai Fu Bai Shou
- seal style inscription One hundred happiness, one hundred [years] of longevity

Those images were received from Mal Carey on 26-Mar-99 with next questions:
    I have uploaded obverse and reverse images of a Chinese coin or charm. The "coin" is 47mm in diameter, of good brass, with an obverse legend tai ping tung bao and a reverse inscription bai bai fu shou in different calligraphic style (Li Shu?).
    This piece is not listed in any of my catalogs and I would be interest in hearing the opinions of your viewers. What struck me as interesting about this item was:
    1. the obverse inscription of tai ping tung bao instead of tai ping tian guo. The former usage seems less commonly employed.
    2. the size, fabric, and denomination seemed better suited to a Xian Feng coin than to a Tai Ping one.
    3. the fu shou (long life?) inscription would seem more at home in a Qing context than an austere Tai Ping situation.
    4. the mixing of the two calligraphic styles seemed a bit odd.

    Any assistance would be most appreciated.

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