Liao Dynasty Charm
Qian Qiu Wan Sui

Vladimir Belyav,
February 09, 2002
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Weight 33.61 g, diameter 50.3 mm

Obverse: Qian Qiu Wan Sui      
      1 000 Autumns, 10 000 Years [forever]

Reverse: plain

Metal: iron

      Shown item is the Liao dynasty iron charm ( Hua Qian = flower coin).


  1. Zhongguo huaqian (Chinese charms). 1992, Shanghai, in Chinese, charm #504. (thanks to George Fisher and Jeffrey Young for this reference)

Message from Jeffrey Mindich (18-May-02):
    The Liao Dynasty charm - Qian Qiu Wan Sui looks questionable. First, there is no record or previous example of this type of charm being issued in iron. All known examples, even though the coin is relatively rare, are of bronze. Also, the style of the characters differs considerably from all of the genuine specimens I have seen. The characters are usually much more abstract, with the wan and sui characters looking like a cursive script with which a lot of liberty was taken. It's hard to try and date the actual coin or its authenticity in terms of being old or a recent foregery by looking at a photo on the web, but I really do doubt it is a Liao Qian Qiu Wan Sui charm in any case.

Any additional information highly appreciated.
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