Four characters charm

Diameter: 50.3 mm
Weight: 31.1 g

Obverse: Qin - Chinese lute or guitar
Se - large stringed musical instrument; dignified, massive; sound of wind
You - friend, companion; fraternity
Zhi - This; he, she, it, they, them. The basic meaning of the character is 'to go, proceed' (reflected as 'to go out' in the Shuowen gloss, but occurring in texts only with the normal meaning 'to go, proceed'); the use of for a pronoun is secondary, due to homonymy.

Message from Martynn Koh (19-Oct-2000):
    The top character is pronounced as Qin (or Chin), it is a 7 string plucked musical instrument similar to a zither.
    The bottom word is pronounced as Se (or Sir), it is a 16 or 25 string plucked instrument also looks like a zither.
    The word on left and right means " Friend of".
    Therefore, the four character Qin Se Zi You literally means Friend of the Qin and Se musical instrument.
    It is believed that this charm is made for or by a group of musicians.
Reverse: Zhong - locust or grasshopper
Si - a near demonstrative: this, he, she, it, they; to lop off.
Yan - flow over, flow out; go to excess; abundant, extensive
Qing - happy, rejoice; felicitate.

Zhong Si Yan Qing - Congratulations with newborn!

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