Chang Ming Fu Gui Charm

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Diameter ~57 mm
Obverse: Chang Ming Fu Gui (seal script style) - "A long life [coupled with] wealth and honours"
Legend written on ornamental background.

Reverse: crescent on a cloud; a sea of big waves; ox or lamb

Vladimir Belyaev (24-Nov-02):

      This charm have exactly the same motives as charm #55 from the Schjöth catalog [1, p.78], but drawn in a differ style. The Lamb is the symbol of filial piety, as it is said to kneel respectfully when taking its mother's milk [2, p.352]. The Ox is the emblem of spring and agriculture and the second of the symbolical animals corresponding to the Twelve Terrestrial Branches in the Chinese calendar [2, p.299].
      Any opinions about age and meaning of this charm highly appreciated.
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