David Jen’s

Chinese Cash Identification and Price Guide

Errata Listing by Russ Weltmer
01 January 2003
Last edited 23 June 2005

Some errors noted by next persons (marked in square brackets with blue color): TM - Tony Merson
VB - Vladimir Belyaev
AM - Anton M <anton-m@peterlink.ru>
Any additional corrections are highly appreciated - please send them to Russ Weltmer (rweltmer@nothnbut.net) or to Vladimir Belyaev (charm@postman.ru).


Correction or Comment


Remove "77" at start of Han Dynasty – Western Han entry


1st paragraph, 6th line: "uncculated" should be "uncirculated" [TM]

Section I


Add note that Pottery Cowrie coins also exist.


11. Zi Zhou should be Xi Zhou [VB]


20. An Yang Spade S-13/FD-160 should be S-16/FD-160


Coins No. 30, 31, 32, and 33 are not Round-holed coins


37. Weight given of 64g is far too heavy, 6.4g is far too light for this coin?


4th paragraph, line 1, "Ben Liang" should be "Ban Liang".


57. Fisher lists FD-441-443 as all being equivalent to S-114, but FD-442 appears to be the closest match. (This area needs study, as I have at least 6 varieties of Wu Zhu’s which don’t match any coins depicted in Schjoth, FD, Jen, or Hua.)


2nd paragraph, last sentence is confusing. Should read: "They average 25.4mm in diameter and 4.45g in weight, setting them apart from the heavier and larger Jun Guo coins they were meant to replace, and the later San Guan coins that were smaller and lighter; the workmanship and writing were also different."


60. Weight of 536g should be 5.36g


1st paragraph, 2nd line: "contribute" should be "attribute"


65. Diameter of 2.74mm should be 27.4mm


69. Delete FD-456, add FD-457.


76. Delete FD-466, add FD-467. J-76 and FD-467 have line above hole on obverse and reverse. FD-466 has no line above hole.

77. Delete FD-470, add FD-468. J-77 and FD-468 have "Yao Bu Er Bai" (200) on obverse. FD-470 has "You Bu San Bai" (300).

78. Delete FD-472, add FD-470. J-78 and FD-470 have "You Bu San Bai" (300) on obverse. FD-472 has "Xu Bu Si Bai" (400).

79. Delete FD-474, add FD-472. J-79 and FD-472 have "Xu Bu Si Bai" (400) on obverse. FD-474 has "Cha Bu Wu Bai" (500). "Xu Su" should be "Xu Bu".

80. Delete FD-476, add FD-475. J-80 and FD-475 have "Cha Bu Wu Bai" (500) on obverse. FD-476 has "Zhong Bu Liu Bai" (600).

81. Delete FD-478, add FD-476. J-81 and FD-476 have "Zhong Bu Liu Bai" (600) on obverse. FD-478 has "Zhuang Bu Qi Bai" (700).

82. Delete FD-480, add FD-479. J-82 and FD-479 have "Zhuang Bu Qi Bai" (700) on obverse. FD-478 has "Di Bu Ba Bai" (800).

83. Delete FD-482, add FD-481. J-83 and FD-481 have "Di Bu Ba Bai" (800) on obverse. FD-482 has "Ci Bu Jiu Bai" (900)

84. Delete FD-484, add FD-482. J-84 and FD-482 have Ci Bu Jiu Bai" (900) on obverse. FD-478 has "Da Bu Huang Qian" (1000).

85. Delete S-145 and FD-485, add S-146 and FD-486. J-85, S-146, and FD-486 have no line above hole on obverse and reverse. S-145 and FD-485 have a line above hole.


94. J-94 is the same as FD-513, not FD-515


104. J-104 is same as S-213 and FD-560, but not FD-559.

105. J-105 is the same as FD-559, but not FD-560. Jen has the FD no.’s for J-104 and J-105 reversed.

110. J-110 is same as S-306 and FD-581, not FD-582. S-306 and FD-581 both have plain reverses, FD-582 does not.


Last paragraph: (No. 168) should be (No. 138)


112. J-112 is the same as FD-567, both are 21mm, S-221 is only 17mm. I believe that J-112 is an error depicting only the obverse of the coin. J-1045 correctly depicts the obverse and reverse of the same coin.

117. Discrepancy between FD and Jen; FD shows pillars left and right of hole on reverse, Jen depicts them above and below hole?

119. Tian Jia Wu Zhu S-223/FD-598. J-119 is the same as FD-598, but is not the same as S-223, S-223 has an inner obverse rim.

121. Tai Huo Liu Zhu S-243/FD-599. J-121 is the same as S-244 and FD-599, but not the same as S-243.


4th paragraph, 4th line: (No. 125) should be (No. 126).


126. J-126 is same as FD-610, but not S-241. S-241 has horns on the reverse.


137. J-137 is not the same as S-253. S-253 has no vertical bar on the left of the "Wu" character while J-137 does.


139. S-132 should be S-312.

144. J-144 should have reverse depicted. S-355 has a plain double-rim reverse; however FD-694 has a double-rim reverse with a moon below the hole.


146. Also included in Section 2 as No. 1060.

147. Also included in Section 2 as No. 1079.

148. Also included in Section 2 as No. 1085.

149. J-149 is not the same as FD-735; J-149 has an upright "Yong" above the hole on the reverse, FD-735 has an inverted "Yong" below the hole. Also included in Section 2 as No. 1082.

152. Shun Tian Yuan Bao S-409/FD-751. Reverse is not depicted, but should be. S-409 has a moon above the hole on reverse; FD-751 has both a moon above and star below the hole. (S-409 is the same as FD-752.)


160. J-160 is depicted as having a plain reverse, the same as S-414, however FD-764 has a star above the hole on the reverse.

167. J-167 is depicted as having a plain reverse, the same as S-434. FD-776 has a moon above the hole on the reverse.


Write-ups for Kingdoms 1 through 8 of the Ten Kingdoms are missing


180. Kai Yuan Tong Bao in iron is the same as FD-780, not FD-779. FD-779 has a "Min" character above the hole and a moon below the hole on the reverse, FD-780 only has a star above.

182. J-182 is not the same as FD-782, FD-782 has a star right of the hole as well as "Min" above the hole, and a moon below the hole on the reverse.

184. FD numbers for Bronze and Iron are reversed. Bronze is FD-788, and Iron is FD-787.


191. J-191 is the same as FD-810, but not the same as S-439. J-191 and FD-810 are both 38mm, S-439 is 33mm.


197. J-197 is depicted as having a plain reverse. S-451 has a plain reverse with no inner rim, however FD-849 has both an inner rim and a star above the hole on the reverse.

205. J-205 is the same as S-465 and FD-872. All are 24mm. S-466 is 21mm.


212. J-212 is the same as S-477 and FD-891. All have large characters. S-476 has small characters.

213. J-213 is the same as S-480 and FD-893. All are 25 mm. "FD-493 is 23.5mm." should be "FD-494 is 23.5mm." (However, "Bao" on J-213 looks more like FD-894 than FD-893.)


223. J-223 is the same as S-498 (not S-499) and FD-904.

224. J-224 is the same as S-499 (not S-497) and FD-905.

225. J-225 is the same as FD-907, not FD-906. J-225 and FD-907 are 23.5mm, while FD-906 is 25mm.


230. J-230 is the same as S-511 and FD-918, but not FD-919. FD-919 has heavier characters and a slightly wider obverse rim.

231. J-231 is the same as S-509 and FD-920, but not S-510. S-510 has a single horizontal bar at the base of the Zhi character, while S-509 and FD-920 have two horizontal bars.

236. J-236 is not the same as S-515. J-236 has smaller characters and a larger hole.

238. J-238 is the same as S-515. (See remark immediately preceding.)

241. J-241 is the same as S-519 and FD-937, but not S-521. S-521 has continuous vertical lines to the left of the Zhi character, while J-241, S-519 and FD-937 all have broken lines.


249. J-249 has a wider rim than either S-538 or FD-955.

253. J-253 is the same as S-556, but not FD-971. J-253 and S-556 have plain reverses. FD-971 has a moon facing inward above the hole on the reverse.

254. J-254 is the same as S-553, but not FD-972. J-254 and S-553 have plain reverses. FD-972 has a star above the hole on the reverse.


255. J-255 is the same as S-565 but not FD-979. J-255 and S-565 both have the left side of the "Tong" character touching the hole, while FD-979 has a space between the character and the hole. (S-566 and FD-979 are the same.)

256. J-256 is the same as S-567 but not FD-980. J-256 and S-567 both have plain reverses, while FD-980 has a star above the hole on the reverse.

265. J-265 is not the same as either S-603 or FD-1004. J-265 is 25mm with a wide obverse outer rim; S-603 is 21mm with a narrow obverse outer rim, and FD-1004 is 24.5mm with a narrow outer rim.


276. J-276 is not the same as either S-623 or FD-1049. J-276 is 33mm, S-623 and FD-1004 are both 31mm.


280. J-280 is the same as FD-1059 but not S-632. S-632 is an iron coin.

281. FD-1961 should be FD-1061.

282. FD-106 should be FD-1062.

284. J-284 is the same as S-633 and FD-1070, but not FD-1076. Left portion of "He" character is longer on J-284, S-633, and FD-1070 than on FD-1076.

285. J-285 is the same as FD-1073 but not S-640. S-640 is a 28mm Value 2 coin. J-285 and FD-1073 are 23.5mm Value 1.

286. J-286 is the same as S-640 and FD-1078 but not S-639. The "He" character on S-639 is in seal script, while J-286, S-640 and FD-1078 are in orthodox script.

287. J-287 is the same as S-639 and FD-1077 but not S-638. Lower right portion of "Zheng" character forms a loop on S-638, but not on J-287, S-639, and FD-1077.


291. J-291 is the same as S-652 and FD-1101.

292. J-292 is the same as S-649 and FD-1103 but not FD-1102. FD-1102 is in orthodox script, not seal script as are J-292, S-649, and FD-1103.

293. Same type comment as for J-292. Jen has reversed FD numbers for J-292 and J-293.

298. J-298 is the same as S-661 (without nail mark on rev.) and FD-1116 but not S-660. S-660 is a 29mm value 2 coin while J-298, S-661 and FD-1116 are 32mm value 3 coins.


First paragraph: "Qin Zong" should be "Qing Zong".

First paragraph: dates should be (1126-1127) instead of (1226-1227).

2nd and 3rd paragraphs: "Jin" should be "Jing".

3rd paragraph: "Qin" should be "Qing".


310. J-310 is the same as FD-1141 but not S673. J-310 and FD-1141 are both 23mm, S-673 is 25mm.

313. Comments on J-313 apply to image of coin No. 314.

314. Comments on J-314 apply to image of coin No. 313. Jen has reversed comments for both coins. However, S-674 is a 28mm Value 2 coin, while J-313 and J-314 are both 32mm Value 3 coins.

315. Remove comma after word “top”.

316. Remove comma after word “left’. Replace word “corner” with “of top character”.


325. J-325 is the same as FD-1160, however the calligraphy is closer to S-681 than S-689.


333. J-333 is not the same as either S-706 or FD-1182. J-333 has 2 dots at the top of the “Dao” character, and a plain reverse(?). S-706 has a plain reverse, but 2 strokes instead of dots at the top of the “Dao”. FD-1182 has 2 dots at the top of the “Dao”, but a reverse moon above and star below the hole.

334. J-334 is not the same as either S-702 or FD-1183. J-334 is depicted as having a plain reverse(?). S-702 and FD-1183 both have a reverse moon above and star below the hole.

336. J-336 is the same as S-714 but not FD-1198. J-336 and S-714 have plain reverses, while FD-1198 has a reverse moon above and star below the hole.

337. J-337 is the same as S-730 but not FD-1201. J-337 and S-730 have plain reverses, while FD-1201 has a reverse moon above and star below the hole.

338. J-338 is depicted as having a plain reverse (?). S-727 and FD-1203 both have a reverse moon above and star below the hole.

339. J-339.x is the same as S-758 through S-763 and FD-1223 and FD-1224. (x can be between 1 and 5)

340. J-340.x is the same as S-765 through S-770 and FD-1225 but not S-764. S-764 is a 26mm coin with a blank reverse. (x can be between 1 and 5)

341. J-341.x is the same as S-788 through S-793, and FD-1243 through FD-1244. (x can be between 1 and 6)

342. J-342.x is the same as S-794 through S-799 and FD-1245 through FD-1246. (x can be between 1 and 6)

343. J-343.x is the same as S-800 through S-802 and FD-1247 through FD-1249. (x can be between 4 and 6)


The 1st paragraph belongs on page 75 where J-341 through J-343 coins are illustrated and priced.

1st paragraph: sequence of reign titles is incorrect; should be Qing Yuan, Jia Tai, Kai Xi, and Jia Ding.

1st paragraph:”346-353” should be “”344-351”; “354” should be “352”.

2nd paragraph: Should be subparagraph b. “341-343” should be “344-346”.

3rd paragraph: Should be subparagraph a. The discussion on Qing Yuan belongs on preceding page 75. “344-46” should be “341-43”.


344. “Jia Ding” should be "Jia Tai". J-344.x is the same as S-835 through S-838 and FD-1301 through FD-1304. (x can be between 1 and 4)

345. J-345.x is the same as S-839 through S-842 and FD-1305 through FD-1308. (x can be between 1 and 4)

349. J-349.x is the same as S-877 through S-889 and FD-1338 through FD-1360. (x can be between 1 and 14)

350. J-350.x is the same as S-890 through S-902 and FD-1362 through FD-1375. (x can be between 1 and 14)

351. S-95 should be S-958

352. J-352 is the same as S-875 and FD-1451.

354. After "Ditto," add "Iron" [TM]


356. J-356.x is the same as S-961 through S-962 and FD-1459 through FD-1461. (x can be between 1 and 3)

358. J358.x is the same as S-967 through S-972 and FD-1470 through FD-1475. (x can be between 1 and 6)

359. J359.x is the same as S-973 through S-979 and FD-1476 through FD-1481. (x can be between 1 and 6)

363. J-363 is depicted as having a plain reverse, but both S-991 and FD-1505 have “Yuan” on the reverse.

364. J-364 is depicted as having a plain reverse, but both S-994 and FD-1509 have “Yuan” on the reverse.


1st paragraph, 3rd line: “(Nos. 369-371)” should be “(Nos. 368-370)”.


2nd paragraph: “(Nos. 376, 377)” should be “(Nos. 375, 376)”.

3rd paragraph: “(Nos. 375, 376)” should be “(Nos. 377, 378)”.


377. J-377.x is the same as S-1038 through S-1041 and FD-1573 through FD-1577. (x can be between 1 and 5)

378. J-378.x is the same as S-1042 through S-1048 and FD-1578 through FD-1582. (x can be between 1 and 5)

379. J-378.x is the same as S-1049 through S-1054 and FD-1583 through FD-1590. (x can be between 1 and 5)

380. J-380.x is the same as S-1055 through S-1063 and FD-1591 through FD-1598. (x can be between 1 and 8)


1. "Tai Zhu" is listed as "Tai Zu" on pg. 333. Fisher also uses "Tai Zu" on pg. 231 of his dynastic listings in Fisher's Ding.

Paragraph No. 5. "(968-985)" should be "(968-983)".


385. "Tian Zan" should be "Tian Xian" [VB]


Paragraphs No. 6., 7., and 8. belong on page 87 since the coins are illustrated and priced on the facing page, 88.

Paragraph No. 6.: "(No. 390)" should be "(No. 389)"

Paragraph No. 7.: "(No. 391)" should be "(No. 390)"

Paragraph No. 8.: "(No. 386)" should be "(No. 396)"

Paragraph following Paragraph No. 9.: "(Nos. 399-491)" should be "(399-401)".


Paragraph No. 3.: "(1161-70)" should be "(1161-90)".

3rd paragraph, 2nd line: "(No. 405)" should be "(No. 404)" [TM]


407. Delete FD-1655, add FD-1656. FD-1655 is 28mm Value 2; J-407 and FD-1656 are 30mm Value 3.


Paragraph No. 2. and 3. need a space between them.


429. FD-1094 should be FD-1694.


432. "Cao" should be "Chao".

439. FD-1707 should be FD-1708, FD-1707 is 27mm.


3rd paragraph, 1st line: "(Nos. 446-7)" should be "(Nos. 444-5)" [TM]


1st paragraph, 1st line: "(No. 409): should be "(No. 449)" [TM]


454. "Chen" should be "Si".

457. "Zi" should be "Si". FD-1797 should be FD-1798.

458. Add "FD-1799".


3rd paragraph, 4th line: "(1350)" should be "(1355)" [TM]


465. Add "FD-1807".

467. Delete FD-1810, FD-1810 has a star below the hole and above the "Shi" (10) character. J-467 has only the "10".

468. Add FD-1810.

469. "Weght" should be "Weight".


487. Delete S-1115. (S-1115 is the same as FD-1821)


Paragraphs 1. and 2. belong on page 109 where the coins are illustrated and priced.


501. Add comma after Bao. It is possible that Schjoth omitted the "Yi" (1) character above the hole on the reverse, as both J-501 and FD-1840 have it.


List of mints: add "Zhe – Zhejiang" [TM]


511. Also included in Section 2 as No. 1290.


529. Also included in Section 2 as No. 1316.

534. Also included in Section 2 as No. 1320.


537. Delete S-1139, it is a 23mm Value 1 coin, not a 39mm Value 5 coin.

538. "1943" should be "FD-1943".

542. Also included in Section 2 as No. 1226.

545. Add "S-1158".


5th paragraph, line, 3rd line: "1 cash" should be "10 cash" [TM]


548. Delete S-1176. S-1176 has a different style "Tong".

549. FD-1961 should be FD-1962. FD-1961 has the legend "Hong Zhi Tong Bao"; J-549, S-1181, and FD-1962 have the legend "Jia Jing Tong Bao".

550. FD-1962 should be FD-1963. FD-1962 is a Value 1 coin; J-550 and FD-1963 are Value 2.

553. Delete all the text and replace with: "Ditto, 10 above, 1 Liang (Tael) on the right, FD-1967.

557. Add "S-1193/" preceding "FD-1980".


1st paragraph belongs on page 119 opposite the page where the coin is illustrated and priced.


560. S-1210 should be S-1209. S-1210 is 22mm; J-560, S-1209, and FD-1990 are 25mm.

562. Delete "FD-1992". FD-1992 has "Gong" character below the hole; J-562 has "Yi" (1) right of hole and "Qian" left of hole.

565. Delete FD-1997. J-565 and S-1216 have "Yi" (1) above and "Qian’ (Cash) below the hole; FD-1997 has "Ying" above the hole.


579. Delete FD-2020. FD-2020 does not have a character to the left of the hole on the reverse.


1st type should be Plain reverse (No. 580). J-581 has a small dot (star) at the top on the reverse.


581. S-1234 should be S-1231. J-581 and S-1231 are 25mm; S-1234 is 22mm.

588. Character on top of coin is not "Jia" (possibly "Jiu", see FD-2055. However, FD-2055 diameter is different.). (See FD-2038 for illustration of "Jia" character.) Probably belongs in same series as FD-2038 through FD-2053, but has no FD equivalent.

589. Add "S-1268/".


599. Delete FD-2089. J-599 has "4" at top and "Shou" left, while FD-2089 has "2" at the top only.


608. Delete "Ditto,". Delete "S-1284/FD-2105". S-1284 has a Chong Zhen legend and is 35mm. FD-2105 has the correct 25mm diameter and Hong Guang legend but has a star above the hole on the reverse.


617. FD-2110 should be FD-2120. FD-2110 has "Gong" character on reverse; FD-2120 has "Dao" character.

622. "3 Cash" should be "5 Cash".


1st paragraph, 7th line: "(Nos. 621-2)" should be "(Nos. 625-6)"

2nd paragraph, 3rd line: "(Nos. 623-4)" should be "(Nos. 627-8)"

2nd paragraph, 4th line: "(No. 625)" should be "(No. 629)"

3rd paragraph, 3rd line: "(Nos. 626-8)" should be "(Nos. 630-2)"

4th paragraph, 7th line: "(No. 636)" should be "(No. 643)"

4th paragraph, 8th line: "(Nos. 638-9)" should be "(Nos. 647-52)"

5th paragraph, 2nd line: "(No. 640)" should be "(No. 644)"

6th paragraph, 2nd line: "No. 641" should be "No. 646"


625. "FD-2134" should be "FD-2135". FD-2134 has the legend "Yong Li Tong Bao", while FD-2135 has the "Yong Chang Tong Bao" legend.

630. Delete FD-2139. J-630 and S-1329 both have a plain reverse, FD-2139 has "Gong" character below the hole.


644. J-644 is depicted as having a plain reverse, but FD-2162 has a "Gong" character right of the hole.


1st paragraph, 6th line: "passe " should be "pass"

2nd paragraph, 1st line: "(Nos. 644-5)" should be "(648-9)"

2nd paragraph, 2nd line: "(No. 646)" should be "(No. 650)"

Paragraph numbered 1: "Coin No. 647." should be "Coin No. 651."

Paragraph numbered 2: "(648-9)" should be "(652-3)"

Paragraph numbered 3: "(Nos. 650-65)" should be "(Nos. 654-69)"

Paragraph numbered 4: "(Nos. 667-70)" should be "(Nos. 671-73)"; "No. 677" should be "No. 670".

Paragraph numbered 5.: "(No. 671)" should be "(No. 675)"

Paragraph numbered 6.: "(No. 672)" should be "(Nos. 674 and 676)"

Last paragraph: "(No. 673)" should be "(No. 677)"


655. Delete FD-2210. and add FD-2212. FD-2210 has character "Dong" at top of reverse; J-655 and FD-2212 have character "Fu" at top of reverse.

657. "Nan" mintmark does not exist for Shun Zhi Tong Bao coins. May possibly be "Jing", but it is not the same diameter as FD-2201, which Jen designates as J-664.


661. Delete FD-2211 and add FD-2210. FD-2211 has "Dong" at top of coin. J-661 and FD-2210 have "Dong" at right of coin.

668. Delete FD-2195. FD-2193 and FD-2194 have "Yan" left and right, respectively, of hole, but no coin with "Yan" above hole. FD-2195 has "Yuan" right of hole.


671. Add S-1395/ preceding FD-2221.

672. Delete FD-2217, add FD-2218. J-672, S-1392, and FD-2218 have "Jiang" right, "1 Cash" left of hole; FD-2217 has "Gong" above hole.

674. Also included in Section 2 as No. 1399.


4th paragraph, 6th line: "No. 676" should be "No. 679". "Zi" should be "Zhi".

4th paragraph, 7th line: "667 for 1714, and No. 678 for 1715." should be "680 for 1721, and No 681 for 1722."

Last paragraph, 1st line: "Nos. 679, 680" should be "Nos. 682, 683"

Last paragraph, 2nd line: "No. 679" should be "No. 682"; "No. 681" should be "No. 684"


679. Delete FD-2273 and add FD-2275. FD-2273 has "Yin" character at top of coin; J-679 and FD-2275 have "Si" at top.

681. Delete FD-2275 and add FD-2273. FD-2275 has "Si" character at top of coin; J-681 and FD-2273 have "Yin" at top. (Jen reversed FD numbers for J-679 and J-681.)


This page has Schjoth numbers omitted completely, and the FD numbers placed in the VG price column. I don’t know how to correct this page other than to list the corresponding Schjoth, FD, and Jen numbers:

J-696/ none /FD-2263


3rd paragraph, 4th line: "(No. 709)" should be "(No. 712)"

3rd paragraph, 8th line: "No. 710" should be "No. 714"; "No. 711" should be "No. 715"


709. Delete S-1464, add S-1453. S-1464 is a Qian Long Tong Bao legend coin. J-709, S-1453, and FD-2277 are Yong Zheng Tong Bao legend coins.

711. Delete S-1492/FD-2297, add S-1464. S-1492 is a Jia Qing Tong Bao legend coin. J-711 and S-1464 have a Qian Long Tong Bao legend. (FD-2297 is not a good match; the coin is 22mm with narrow rims while S-1464 and J-711 are 26mm, and have wide rims.)


2nd paragraph, 1st line: "No. 715 & 716" should be "No. 718 & 719".

2nd paragraph, 3rd line: "No. 715" should be "No. 718".

2nd paragraph, 4th line: "No. 716" should be "No. 719".

3rd paragraph, 6th line: "No. 720" should probably be "No. 723".

4th paragraph, line 7: "(Nos. 711, 714, 717, 719, and 721)" should be: "(Nos. 711, 714, 715, 717, 719, and 722)". J-711, J715, J-719 are not labeled as "Chang Ping" coins.


721. "FD-2348" should be "FD-2384".


1st paragraph, next to last line: "No. 722 and 723" should be "725 and 726".


759. After "FD-2544, shift 1.00 to VG price column, and 3.00 in VG column to VF column.


779. FD-2532 is not iron, and J-779 does not have the appearance of an iron coin?


784/785. Write-ups are reversed from images.


798. "Value 100" should be "Value 10".

804. If this is a pattern coin, it belongs in Section III.


805. Add "Value 100"

810. Pricing omitted.


828. "5 Mach" should be "5 Mace".

831. "5 Candareens" should be "8 Candareens".


835. Also included in Section 2 as No. 1454.


846. Also included in Section 2 as No. 1464.

849. Add "Bao Su Mint"


2nd paragraph, 7th line: "(No. 849)" should be "(No. 855)"

2nd paragraph, 9th line: "(No. 850)" should be "(No. 859)"; "(No. 851)" should be "(No. 860)".

2nd paragraph, last line: "(No. 853)" should be "(No. 862)".


861. After "struck coin" add "FD-2638"


1st paragraph, 8th line: "(Nos. 856-7)" should be "(Nos. 865-6)"; "(Nos. 858-9)" should be "(Nos. 867-8)".


Between 865. and 866.: insert "865A. Min Guo Zhong Bao, Value 10 on reverse." which is illustrated at the bottom of the page.


2nd paragraph, 4th line: "Coin No. .D." can only be guessed at. Based on Jen’s discussion of rare coins, 873 is most likely the coin under discussion, since it is the highest priced of the Taiping rebel coins.

1st bullet indent: "(Nos. 860-63)" should be "(Nos. 869-72)".

2nd bullet indent: "(Nos. 866-69)" should be "(Nos. 875-78)"

3rd bullet indent: "(Nos. 872-74)" should be "(Nos. 880-83)"


875. Delete S-1606. S-1606 is not cast in uneven relief (See J-884.)


884. Also included in Section 2 as No. 1486. Add "S-1606/" preceding "FD-2684".


The first half of this page is total chaos. I can’t reliably determine what any on the Jen numbers are supposed to be.


891. Delete FD-2699. J-891 is 23mm, FD-2699 is 25mm. (J-891 is the exact match to Hua1824b.)


915. Add J-915A for the small version of J915.


3rd paragraph, 1st line: "SySpr MLK"? <should be "shyshpyr MLK' " (king Shyshpyr) - Sogdian coin, 640-660AD, Smirnova ##48-77. VB>


916-918 are repeated numbers from page 184.


2nd paragraph, 2nd line: "(No. 926)" should be "(No. 922A)". Designate the coin image depicted on this page as J-922A.

3rd paragraph, 3rd line: "Akdu" should be "Aksu".

Section II


940. "FD283" should be "FD282" [VB]


973. Delete FD-390. FD-390 only superficially resembles J-973. (Hua-131a is the exact match.)


999. Add FD-597.


1004. Delete "Reversed Legend", add "Mirror Image Legend"


1025. Delete FD-420, add FD-450.


1050. Delete FD-674. FD-674 has a moon on the reverse.

1054. Jen depicts the reverse as star above hole, moon below the hole. FD-681 and Hua286g both depict the moon above the hole and the star below.


1064. Delete FD-718. FD-718 has "Lan" right of hole, moon out above hole.


1072. Delete S-393. S-393 has no star below hole on the reverse.

1076. Delete S-399. S-399 has inverted "Liang" below hole; J-1076 and FD-730 have "Liang" above hole.

1082. Delete FD-735. J-149/1082 has "Yong" above the hole; FD-735 has inverted "Yong" below the hole.


1084. Delete FD-695; J-1085 has 4 stars only on reverse; FD-695 has 4 stars on both obverse and reverse.

1088. Delete FD-719. J-1088 has a Qian Yuan Zhong Bao legend; FD-719 has a Hui Chang Tong Bao legend.


1095. Preceding S-448, add "Bronze"; Delete FD-791; following "iron" delete FD-796, add FD-790.

1097. Add note that both bronze and iron varieties exist.


1131. Delete FD-1142, add FD-1144.


NB. Last sentence: "11th year" should be "16th year".


1152. Add FD-1201.


1172. Delete S-752. Add note that the coin is iron.

1174. This coin should be numbered J-341.6 in Section I.


1176. Should be J-1175.2

1177. Should be J-1175.3, Delete FD-1255, add FD-1254.

1178. Should be J-1157.7

1181. Should be J-1181.6

1182. Should be J-1181.7

1184. Should be J-1183.7


1191. Should be J-1190.2


1198. Should be J-1194.2

1202. Add FD-1328.


1206. Should be J-1204.2

1209. Add FD-1340.


1214. Should be J-349.14.

N.B. "14th" should be "17th".


1226. Delete FD-1429, add FD-1430.


N.B. "14th" should be "17th"


1249. Add FD-1466.

1250. "FD-1162" should be "FD-1462"


1253. J-1253 should be J-358.4

1255. Add FD-1486.

1256. Delete S-981, add S-982.

1258. Add FD-1500.


1259. Add FD-1490.

1260. Add FD-1489.

1263. Add FD-1496.


Page have subtitle "Yuan Dynasty Varieties", while coins of the Jin, Western Xia and Yuan dynasties listed. [AM]

1273. Delete S-1488, add S-1088.

1274. Delete S-1489, add S-1089.


1316. Same as J-529. Delete FD-1912, add FD-1908.


1362. Ding does not list "Jing" as a Chong Zhen Tong Bao mintmark?


1375. Add S-1276.


1392. Add S-1300.


1399. Repeat of J-674. In addition FD-2178 should be FD-2233.

1402. Delete FD-2212, add FD-2196. FD-2212 is "Fu" mintmark; J-1402 and FD-2196 are "Yuan" mintmark.


1418. Delete S-1453, add S-1454. S-1453 is Board of Revenue; J-1418 and S-1454 are Board of Works.


1439. Delete FD-2541. J-1439 is 35mm; FD-2541 is 31-32mm.

1440. Add FD-2541. J-1440 and FD-2541 are 31-32mm, Jen has confused size of FD-2541.

Section III has not been used, so no errors are included.

Section IV


Sub-paragraph c, next to last line: "msterstroke" should be "masterstroke"


Paragraph below coin images, 8th line: "cries" should be "crisis".

2nd paragraph below coin images, 2nd line: remove semicolon from the word "Tian’;s"


Sui Dynasty dates "518-681" should be "581-618"


Hui Zong reign title "Da Guan": reign dates "1102-1111" should be "1107-1111"

As the conclusion of an otherwise long-forgotten movie stated: "This is not the End, it's not even the beginning of the end; it's the end of the beginning."


  1. Coin measurements have been taken from Schjoth, Ding, and Jen. Reduced size images in Fishers Ding are not useable for comparison with the other references.

  2. I have deliberately ignored coin pricing. Coin prices in Jen's book vary all over the place, from missing to very low for some rather scarce coins to very high for some relatively uncommon coins. The higher value coins in eBay© auctions never seem to realize the prices quoted by Jen. Almost every coin which appears in both Section I and Section II has a different price from one section to the other.

  3. Numbering of the Southern Song Dynasty coins with an ".x" to indicate the reign year on the reverse is an attempt to fill the missing coins in Jen which are included in Schjoth and Fisher/Ding. Fisher suggested a similar numbering system for coins missing from the Ding catalog.

  4. Section I has been much more extensively "worked" than Section II. There are most likely numerous errors in both that haven't been tabulated yet.